What is GeekOn all about?


I wanted to write. But then again, just me writing down what I learnt didn’t seem anygood :/ So, I am trying to create a platform when people who dig tech can write. Write good content for other people who dig tech. But this will be fairly technical. No setting up X tutorials which can be easily found in Readmes or on the internet.

This will be a place where geeks come to share experiences. So lets set some ground rules.


  1. Anybody can write. Send a PR to https://github.com/Gouthamve/geekon.tech
  2. Must be fairly technical. i.e, no how to setup a AWS instance or something that can be found in the Readme. What is fairly technical can be decided by the community.
  3. GeekOn :3


Okay. People! Send some awesome stuff in.